O mně

Welcome to my website. My first name is Tereza and “Piaf” is my
Czech surname translated into French. I have always been involved in
the world of creation- in the using of different materials, even the
seemingly most impossible ones, to make artistic objects.I’m
interested in arrangement, composition and recreation. I’m
fascinated by the colours and their combinations.
I graduated from The High School of Textile Crafts and The College of
Design, ltd. in Prague. During my studies I have gained a greater
experience while working with natural materials and weaving
tapestries. I have also won a number of awards taking part in Student
art competitions in 2012. I successfully completed the study of the
history of art at Charles University. I took part in the
reconstruction of the burial vestments of Charles IV’s wives in the
Royal Tombs of the Prague Castle. There is a permanent exhibition of
the results of my work entitled The Story of the Prague Castle which
you are welcome to visit. Now I create jewelery and I organise
jewelery-makers workshops for several significant institutions.

When I make my jewelry I use a high quality Czech glass only.
I create each original with love, passion and care. Do you not
believe me? Kindly enter my gallery.
If you are interested in any of my products please contact me.

Tereza Brabcová
Piaf design®